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The Power of Produce Club (POP) was a program originally created at the Oregon City Farmers Market in 2011.  Due to its success, it has spread to farmers markets all over the nation and to Minnesota in 2014.


Our market participates in the POP for kids (ages 4-12) and the POP+ for seniors age 60 and over.  Anyone in these age groups is entitled to a $2 token to spend on some fresh, healthy produce with the vendor of their choice.  Kids and seniors can receive the token each time they come to the market.  It's a fun way to explore all the market has to offer, try something new and healthy, and connect with our local growers.


Look for our POP booth, fill out some basic information and we will create a "passport" for you.  Check in at the booth each time you come and get your $2 token.   


We would like to thank our generous sponsors of this years' POP programs:

          CHI St. Joseph Health for sponsoring POP for kids

          Itasca Mantrap for sponsoring POP for seniors

Your support is greatly appreciated!

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