All of our vendor spaces are currently reserved for the 2022 season.  However, if you are interested, let us know via email at, as things can change as the season progresses.  We always keep a list of vendors who can fill-in when someone with a reserved space can't make it.  The cost is $125 for a full time space and $25 per time for a "fill-in".  The season is every Saturday 9:00 am -1:00pm beginning Memorial weekend through September.


Since we are a "Farmer's Market", priority for spaces is given to those with farm and/or garden products, i.e, produce, meat, eggs, etc. and other food products like jams, jellies, baked goods etc.

We do love diversity so high quality arts, crafts and other non-food items are also welcome.


Only locally grown products that are produced/made by the vendor are allowed.  Reselling is not  allowed and "dumping" of excess or selling poor quality produce at discounted prices is not allowed.  Vendors with food products are responsible for their own product liability and for following cottage food laws.  Where applicable, vendors are responsible for collecting and paying their own sales tax. 


If you would like more information or to be considered, let us know what you sell and send us an email:  We will get back to you.  We appreciate everyone's interest!